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Neck pain is not restricted to age. Poor posture and strain are common causes of pain in the neck area. How you use your body can have a big effect on stress levels on certain muscle groups. For instance if you spend a large portion of your day hunched over a computer screen for work, it should be no surprise if your muscles get tired and start causing you pain.

Sudden movements and sport activities can also cause a nerve to get trapped or become irritated. Very often the trapped nerve can be located in the upper back or shoulder area and it radiates through to the neck. Sarah can help by listening to your complaints and after assessing your lifestyle she may make recommended changes in your habits.

Main Causes of Neck Pain

  • Poor Posture Poor posture is a major cause of pain in the neck area for many individuals. Posture is how we cary our bodies during the course of a day. It has to do with how we sit, walk and sleep. Keeping the spine upright can alleviate a lot of stress in the back and help reduce pain in the neck area.
  • Muscle Strain and Tension Sitting or sleeping for prolonged periods of time in the same position can put undue strain of certain muscle groups which can lead to painful sensations in the neck area.
  • Nerve Pressure You could be applying pressure on a nerve and not even notice it at first. Improper exercise, work outs and maneuvers can all put pressure on your nerves. In time this pressure can lead to redness, swelling and stiffness in the neck.
  • Stress If you have stress, you could be unconsciously clenching your muscles or groups of muscles at the back of your head. This could create a knot in the neck, which is often quite painful.

Neck pain can often get worse or take a long time to subside if left untreated. Sometimes the pain can radiate to the head causing headaches or down to the back of the neck and shoulder area making these areas of the body feel stiff and sore.

An osteopath will pay special attention to the parts that can cause muscular spasms and the areas where the joints are restricted in their movement. Relieving the pressure with proper massage techniques from a qualified osteopath will help relieve irritation and pain.

Common Osteopathic Treatments For Neck Pain

  • Spinal Manipulation By gently manipulating and massaging certain areas along the spine your osteopath can help relieve stress and loosen tight muscles and stress areas reducing pain and helping the body heal.
  • Nerve Mobilization The musculoskeletal system is gently massaged to relieve pinched nerves and help blood flow and circulation.
  • Soft Tissue Massages
  • Lifestyle Changes

Your osteopath will usually recommend a combination of different treatments for cervical pain. This will often include natural manual techniques and massage, exercises you need to do at home and maybe even changes in your lifestyle. The main areas or points covered in your treatment will include your muscles, joints and in many cases the osteopath will pay special attention to the nerves and nerve clusters. The nerves have an important fuction in regulating and the circulation of blood and lymph.

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