Neck Pain

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Osteopathic Relief For Neck and Shoulder pain
Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain is not something that is only felt by people over a certain age. It can affect anyone at any age. More often than not it is directly related to work, posture and how we use our bodies. It is very common for people who spend all day working at a computer for extended periods of time with no regular breaks in between sessions.

People driving for very long distances (professional drivers, truck drivers, etc) feeling pain in the neck is not uncommon either. Stress, tiredness and bad or uncomfortable sleeping positions can all contribute to a feeling of stiffness or irritation in the neck area.

Sometimes this is not felt as a direct ache or pain but more as a sense of stiffness or a tingling and pins and needles sensation. This is usually the result of a trapped nerve or irritation of the neck nerves.

In some cases the soreness can radiate downwards from the neck towards the shoulder area and in more severe case even reach as far down as the shoulder and hands of the patient. Some forms of headaches can also be the direct result of pinched nerves in the neck.

Naturally age does play a role in muscular pain in the neck and shoulder area.

Osteopathy To Relieve Neck Soreness And Pain

By applying gentle manipulative techniques your osteopath can greatly alleviate tension in your neck muscles to improve mobility and reduce sensations of pain. The osteopathic techniques that are used will depend largely on your age and general fitness and health status.

Manipulative techniques like gently “rocking” the joints back and forth help dissipate any undue tension and stress in the muscles surrounding the neck and shoulder area. Your osteopath may also recommend certain exercises that you may have to do at home to speed up your recovery.

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