Neck Exercises

Neck pain exercises can help many people control their neck pain but before starting any type of exercise, always consult with your osteopath or GP since some forms of exercise can make things pain worse. Especially if you have any serious underlying condition or other medical problems, seek medical advice first before starting with neck exercises. Your osteopath can guide you which forms of movements are safe for you and which type of movements to avoid.

A range of full movement, motion exercises done daily is a good way to stretch your neck muscles, prevent stiffness, and help control the pain in your neck. Regular performance of neck pain exercises may be able to help you regain some loss of neck movement, maintain or increase your necks range of motion, and reduce or control the pain.

For people suffering from chronic and debilitating neck pain, simple motion, neck pain exercises may help you tolerate more activity or help your neck mobility but are not always effectual in fighting or reducing the pain itself. To get the maximum results from neck pain exercises, do them on a regular basis a set number of times daily and keep the movements steady and slow. Moving too quickly or jerking can cause strain and pain instead of reducing them.