Emergency Treatments

Emergency Therapy Sessions In some situations it may not possible to wait for an appointment. If you feel acute pain that cannot be treated effectively by your GP, you might want to consider giving Sarah a call and explain your situation. Under most circumstances you can be scheduled in for emergency treatment, to relieve the worst pain. Additional sessions may be scheduled with you for further treatment.

Osteopathy is a form of treatment that uses gentle manipulates on muscles and other soft tissues to relieve pain. It is completely non-invasive, drug-free, and totally safe therapy for treating neuro-musculoskeletal complaints such as lower back pain, pain in shoulders, joints, legs or arms and neck pain.

Most people will turn to osteopathy when other pain methods do not work for them. Like all health treatments, there can be rare potential adverse effects. Although the risks are minuscule and many patients find almost instant relief after a treatment session, some people may experience minor aching or slight soreness similar to exercising. Some studies show that manual manipulation for chronic pain provided more effective short-term relief than many types of medications.