Sports Massage

Sports massage is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of the soft tissues of the body including muscles, ligaments and tendons.

The aim of a sports massage is to improve the efficiency of the musculoskeletal system, it involves deep massage, stretch, inhibition, deep friction and trigger point work.

Sports massage has been proven to be effective by improving circulation and lymphatic flow, assisting in the removal of metabolic waste, increasing or decreasing muscle tone and length, increasing flexibility, remodelling scar tissue and it is also very useful when helping someone prepare mentally before sporting events.

You do not need to be a sports performer to benefit from a sports massage. It is very effective at alleviating many day-to-day problems which more often than not are occupation related, whether these are caused from long hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer or days spent doing physical work.

Repetitive injuries, sprains, tension and fatigue are also commonly experienced by most people at some point in their life and these too respond well to sports massage. Many people also use it as a preventative form of treatment so they don’t suffer the aches, pains and discomfort that life throws at us.

After treatment you may feel a little achy for 12-24 hours but this will soon subside. You will be advised to drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins and aid recovery. The osteopath will also give individual advice depending on your particular problem.